Product Review: Ochazuke from Nagatanien

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Since yesterday was National Beer Lover’s Day, I bet a lot of people had a fantastic Happy Hour last night. Do you remember how many glasses of drink you had? Depending how well today (or this week) goes, today’s dinner will be too much for your stomach after hangover. 

To make sure you’ll recover from it, I’ll introduce the perfect food for today’s late dinner/super early breakfast of tomorrow: Ochazuke! 

This is Japanese traditional, popular rice soup(not quite as porridge.) People usually eat after drinking party to calm their stomach or next day’s breakfast to recover from hangover.

Ochaduke is quite comforting, so if you are suffering for hangover, don’t skip your meal but try a bowl of ochaduke to refuel your body:)

*This post may contain affiliate links, but I’m not getting paid for writing this entry. Sooo this is my very honest (spicy) review;)

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