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A Voice from Iran

“92nd story”

First published: May.23.2019


Once upon a time in a kingdom, the king suffered pain in his eyes.


Many different doctors visited him but none of them were able to cure the king’s pain.



The King’s right-hand minister suggested: “There is a wise man in the Kingdom who knows everything, let him visit you.”


The king agreed and they brought the wise man to visit the king.

The wise man said: “If you see everything in green, your pain will stop eventually and your eyes will be cured.”


The king ordered every wall of his palace to be painted green. The king’s pain in his eyes was getting better exactly as the wise man promised.


The king ordered everyone to wear green. He asked for all the dishes, table cloths, furniture, curtains; every possible thing in the palace to be changed to green.




The project…

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