A little bit of grease, gets everything done with ease. It seems like everyone. understands it more than a pointed gun! Just like grandma said. Butter goes with bread. To your dish, add a little butter. It makes everything better! A spoon full of sugar, Just like meat tenderizes in a pressure cooker. It makes the medicine go down. Without any whiney sound. When you have jewellery stuck on your finger. And even with soap, it wishes to linger. Massage it with a little tease. Just add a little quantity of grease. Girls, they melt with some fatty grease. A few compliments and they're on their knees. Because their worth comes from others' perception. And they're constantly seeking affirmation. Remember my words, just these... Without rhyme or reason, nobody pours grease. Nothing is free in this world. If not now, later with interest, it will unfold. Be a strong, self-respecting…

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