Coffee Caramel Nuts

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Happy National Coffee Day! 

For some of you who are keen on food holidays, I’m messing up something here, but believe me or not, today 9/29 is National Coffee Day and the day after tomorrow, 10/1 is International Coffee Day!

By looking at these food holidays scheduled that close, I bet the food holiday creator was a huge fan of the dark colored drink, and I may gladly shake hands with them in these fun food holidays! 

So do you like coffee?

Even though the smell of freshly brewed coffee is a symbolic drink to start a day, it’s a dark, bitter taste that some people can’t drink without sugar and milk(yes, that’s me until I turned 20!) As so many coffee chains rapidly spread all over around us, a cup of coffee from each cafe has a different flavor. Some cafes serve bitter flavored coffee, others serve slightly sour…

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