The Birds of Mukilteo Lighthouse Park


Like us, this gull enjoyed just watching the water

One thing you can always count on at the Mukilteo Lighthouse Park is seeing birds. We mean seeing lots and lots of birds. When we visited we saw crows, pigeons and of course different species of gulls. We saw them everywhere.

Staking claim to a picnic table

Stretching its wings

It was interesting to note that these birds were so used to people, dogs, and moving vehicles. When we drove through the parking lot birds were in the unoccupied parking spots, but kept the drive lanes clear.


The picture above shows the public boat ramp and twin docks. So what is the deal with the birds here? What is wrong with the right dock, or what is so appealing to be on the left dock? The gulls were still boycotting that right side dock when we left.

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How to Create Simple Time Sheet and Invoice in Excel

M. Javed VA

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Well, while working as a freelancer, we are also expected to work on rotating shifts, which can be challenging as it requires a freelancer to re-adjust his/her activities over and over which sometimes lead to some problems regarding health, socializing, productivity. Etc.

Create Time Sheet and Invoice

But on the other hand, if a freelancer possesses skills that are in high demand for various projects, his/her employer will prefer him/her over hiring a new specialist which most of time is more rewarding then the usual shifts and your chances of getting promotions also increase.

And, while working on rotating shifts, we need to track our time to know whether how many hours we worked on that shift and what would be the gross earning and to know that, watch the following tutorial where we will learn whether how we can create a…

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How Accurate Are At-Home Covid Tests? – The New York Times

Using the tests repeatedly — to routinely screen students for the virus, for instance — can compensate for their lower sensitivity. In one recent study, researchers found that when they tested infected college students and employees every three days, rapid antigen tests successfully identified 98 percent of infections, on par with P.C.R. tests.

Vaccine mandate: Most CA health care workers are complying – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health, Keck Medicine and other major hospital systems in California say they are well on their way to meeting Thursday’s deadline for the state’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate, with several citing vaccination rates of 90% or higher.

California was the first state in the nation to announce that all health care workers must be fully vaccinated. The order, which includes physicians, nurses, technicians, janitors and other workers in hospitals, dialysis centers, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, substance abuse centers and other facilities remains one of the most stringent in the country. Only limited medical and religious exemptions are allowed.

On Tuesday, state health officials issued a new order that extended the mandate to in-home, hospice, disability center and senior center health care workers, but gave them an extra two months to comply, until Nov. 30.

Source: Vaccine mandate: Most CA health care workers are complying – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Violência doméstica: por que a sociedade ainda, tem tanta dificuldade em combater esse problema?

Vivaldi translation of title: Domestic violence: why society still has such a hard time fighting this problem? comigo!

A sociedade pós-moderna muito avançou em relação às mudanças culturais. Ora, a família por exemplo, ganhou novos arranjos. Hoje, temos diversos modelos de famílias; a família tradicional, as afetivas, e todas aquelas outras que tem a proteção legal. O importante é isso, assegurar o direito de cada uma delas. Como disse, As mudanças culturais, não só isso, mas também as mudanças sociais trouxeram um significado surpreente a todos. Claro, o novo sempre assusta, mas de fato, houvesse essa necessidade de mudar. Todavia, em meio a essas mudanças, existe um problema social gravíssimo, e que acontece no seio de toda família, que no caso, é a violência doméstica, um ( calvário) incapaz de ser descrito. A violência como todos sabem, é fonte de sofrimento principalmentepara as mulheres. Sofrimento muitas vezes de uma omissão do próprio Estado.

Em face de um número elevado de mortes de mulheres que acontece todos os dias…

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Top US general says Afghan collapse can be traced to Trump-Taliban deal | US military | The Guardian

The collapse of the Afghan government and its security forces can be traced to a 2020 agreement between the Taliban and the Trump administration that promised a complete US troop withdrawal, senior Pentagon officials have told Congress.

Gen Frank McKenzie, the head of central command, told the House armed services committee that once the US troop presence was pushed below 2,500 as part of President Joe Biden’s decision in April to complete a total withdrawal by September, the unraveling of the US-backed Afghan government accelerated.

“The signing of the Doha agreement had a really pernicious effect on the government of Afghanistan and on its military, psychological more than anything else, but we set a date – certain for when we were going to leave and when they could expect all assistance to end,” McKenzie said.

He was referring to a 29 February 2020, agreement that the Trump administration signed with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, in which the US promised to fully withdraw its troops by May 2021 and the Taliban committed to several conditions, including stopping attacks on American and coalition forces. The stated objective was to promote a peace negotiation between the Taliban and the Afghan government, but that diplomatic effort never gained traction before Biden took office in January.

Source: Top US general says Afghan collapse can be traced to Trump-Taliban deal | US military | The Guardian

Women in Latin America march for abortion rights – BBC News

Women have demonstrated in cities across Latin America for access to legal and safe abortions, in a region where the procedure is only fully allowed in a handful of countries.

There were clashes between police and protesters in Mexico, but celebrations in Chile – where a bill to decriminalise abortion up to 14 weeks passed through the lower house of Congress.

The protests coincided with International Safe Abortion Day on Tuesday.

Source: Women in Latin America march for abortion rights – BBC News