with a love, so freeing

Develop. Inspire. Transform.

come and go,
it’s these
we’ve been bestowed

upon a sea

of tranquility,
at times, yes,
past our ability
to understand completely

and, yet,
when quiet, and

we can learn more
from the seas ability

to transcend
our individuality,
into a one commonality

uniting us,
like the flowers,
trees, and the streams,

we dream

of this togetherness,
within our hearts
held tight, as the light
goes out from this planets beings

and, for you and me,
we then see…

possibilities expand
as we let go of our
preconceived notions
of what we think
love should be,
and stay open
to new realities of being,
with a love, so freeing…

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

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