Day 7 of GED in 5 months, Adulting, SD Promise, and the Zapotecs

Critical thinking for Human Community

Adulting is taking responsibility for ourselves and for our society, where we live in a Republic that both allows us much freedom and thus, requires of us much responsibility.  Part of that responsibility is helping others in society learn and help others.  The Four Freedoms movement advocates one possible program, starting with free schooling and more funding for programs like the San Diego Promise program, to which graduates of Continuing Education and Adult High School Equivalency programs can aspire. 

Let’s help each other!

Updated  syllabus

Day 7 Lesson Plan except for the Reading Passage

Day 7 Reading Passage:  (Today’s reading is from P. 279 in Peterson’s Master the HiSET,
2nd Edition…)

By 500 BCE, the Zapotec people were developing an advanced society in what is now the southern Mexican state of Oaxoca.  This civilization developed early forms of hieroglyphic writing adn a calendar system.  the Zapotec built complex…

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