Minbari Mondays,A Race Through Dark Places, and, Standing Together

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

This week, Ranger Mayann did not send a report, so this 7th episode (in original, not viewing, order) of season 2, will be from my point of view, rather than from the Minbari point of view:

   I love the way this episode highlights two things:

1.)   institutional abuse,   and

2.)  how standing together can overcome and even prevent such abuse.

  Along the way, in this episode, we see the start of another soon to be Babylon 5 institution: the courtship of Captain Sheridan and Ambassador Delenn.  When they are not dining out, the captain is being unpleasantly surprised to discover that an interstellar version of The Underground Railroad is being run by his own chief medical officer, Dr. Franklin.  Those the doctor is helping to rescue must convince a loyal member of the ruthless PsyCorps to cooperate with them, at the very real risk of being tortured and…

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