living IN the moment vs living FOR the moment

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

When people tell you to forget about tomorrow And to live your life carefree without sorrow do you think they're like the stupid grasshopper? Who will not have food in winter to devour! Yet you see those who live carefree unperturbed by the bothers of reality And they are the ones who seem happy. When the rest of the world is burdened with worry. So am I suggesting you splurge your life savings and forget tomorrow? And then with a begging bowl go around looking to borrow! Of course not! There is something called 'balance'. Although maintaining that for some, is quite the challenge! Have you really understood the difference that preposition brings? 'Living in the moment' is all about detachment from strings. Savour each moment and let your inner being delve into the present. Without anxiety of the future or in past burdens to ferment. It's about having the…

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