Little Poems


Blue velvet night

Blue velvet night
A sapphire moon
On a lustrous viridescent sea
Sail away with me.

Under a bowl of sky

Under a bowl of sky
That has turned upside down
A cerise wind cries
Spilling white stars
Defying gravity
In ether’s immortality.

Tasting autumn

I ate a persimmon
It tasted of autumn
Tangerine’s last bloom
Auburn russet luminescence.

Silk orb-weavers

In the cobweb
I found a spider
Hanging by a thread
Barely clothed
In liquid silk

Sky run

Whisper of sapphire
Zephyr sequinned
In eagles’ cry
I see
Hues of dawn sky
A blue wind blows through
My heart
Skips a beat .

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