Connections: justice for land, for food, ecology and us

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Adulting is about getting better and better at understanding connections between ideas that may not, at first glance, appear to be connected.  When we use a framework like Baby Acres/Floors, for example, to position all of the various types of work for the many forms of justice needed in this world, it becomes more clear how each of these campaigns is related, like my re-post earlier today of Jeff’s LANDBACK and Mutual Aid work, and my coming share later today of Becky’s post, originally shared by WillowCroft, on how going meatless just one day per week can have an impact on a variety of kinds of justice, and also on your personal health.  

That is why I set up a framework, in my book Baby Acres/Floors, that connects these ideas, all of which are crucial to our survival as a species. 

Action Items:

1.) Search your…

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