21st Century COLONIALISM – implemented by corporations and NGOs? Whose Survival is at stake here, Survival? The survival of the rainforests and indigenous peoples or of Cartier and others in the gold and diamond jewelry industry? … updated 2021

Barbara Crane Navarro

“Gold or Nature?” – ©Fotolia/ Wikimedia/Collage: Mirela Hadzic for Rainforest Rescue

“Man’s folly hath enhanced the value of gold and silver because of their scarcity; whereas nature, like a kind parent, hath freely given us the best things, such as air, earth, and water, but hath hidden from us those which are vain and useless.” Thomas More, “Utopia” book II – 1516

photo: Cartier publicity

Systematic Europeanconquest and colonization of the Americasbegan in 1492 and is ongoing.The compelling motivation was then, and continues to be, exploitation. The ascension of wealth in Europe depended on plundered gold, diamonds and other riches at the expense of the degradation of nature and the subjugation of indigenous peoples…

photo: gold mining site: National Geographic – Emiliano Mancuso

The NGO Survival proclaims: “We fight for tribal peoples’ survival. We stop loggers, miners, and oil companies from destroying tribal lands, lives and livelihoods across the globe…

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