Bolsonaro’s shame

Bolsonaro, once again, presented the Brazilian with a worldwide shame. Without being vaccinated, the president travels to New York. His first appearance, with his entourage, was a subject in all newspapers and media in the world, for being photographed eating pizza, outside the restaurant. All the participants in this memorable photo show an air of subservience to their boss, in the caption of the photo it can be read, “a boss and everyone obeys”, unfortunate.

I can say that Bolsonaro’s participation in the UN was a terror for Brazil. His speech was considered by all political analysts to be narrow-minded. Journalist Otavio Guedes, from Globo News, defined the president’s speech: “Bolsonaro has just used the UN gallery to make a live, for his little fenced”. Unfortunately, Bolsonaro missed the chance to present Brazil to the world, in a positive way and, in the view of many experts, his presence was expendable.

The reflexes of his journey, until today, are being felt. Minister serving quarantine in New York; quarantined president here in Brazil; son of the president testing positive for covid; in addition to the vaccination of the first lady, held in the United States, an event that left our doctors confused and generated discomfort with ANVISA .

Source: Bolsonaro’s shame