California bans state-funded travel to Ohio over religion law | The Sacramento Bee

California is banning state-funded travel to Ohio over the state’s new law allowing doctors to decline medical services to people on moral or religious grounds.

The Ohio measure triggered a 2016 California law that requires the attorney general to prohibit state-funded travel to states that discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, according to a Friday press release from California Attorney General Rob Bonta.

The ban takes effect Sept. 30, according to the release. Ohio will become the 18th state to which California won’t pay for travel, according to the release.

Ohio legislators tucked the provision into a massive budget bill, House Bill 110, that was recently passed.

The provision’s language is broad, allowing not just doctors but nurses, counselors, social workers, researchers, pharmacists and others to deny services if they have a “conscience-based objection” to the specific service requested.

Source: California bans state-funded travel to Ohio over religion law | The Sacramento Bee

Thoughts on the Throne


Will you think less of me if I

tell you most of my thoughts come while

sitting on the throne, like Rodin?

Today it came to me how like

trying to milk a cow is the

urgency of writing a poem.

You see, as a child I never

got the hang of correct milking,

and as an elder never tried.

A small library has sprouted

in my throne room, and I keep on


to install

a photo

Of Rodin

on the wall.

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Consumers Failing to be a part of the Circular Economy


When consumers are not aware of the need for environmental care

They don’t believe it is important for them to have clean water and air

They don’t know that the world’s resources might be depleted one day

And they won’t be able to keep on buying products in the same old way


Old electronics are piling up in many places around the world now

We need to build environmental protection awareness somehow

Approximately 20% of the electronic waste is being recycled these days

It would be good if more people would be willing to treat the environment in great ways

Photo by Pixabay on

We can create more green jobs for each other and economies can recover

After the virus caused so much devastation on the planet

A plan to create jobs in a new way won’t leave us with regret

And if we should repair and reuse…

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Birds From Walden Double-crested Cormorant

Words from Walden

The double-crested cormorant is a unique bird. It is so rare that I had never seen one before a couple of days ago.

The bird landed on the pond and although it swam around like a Duck, I knew it wasn’t.

I saw a long beak that reminded me of a Blue heron, only smaller. The difference is that herons have long legs and tend to walk around the edge of the water in search of food.

This bird however would ‘duck’ under the water and come up with some kind of food to eat. It may have been a frog, fish or plant, I could not tell.

What I did observe was the bird getting tangled in the weeds and almost drowning.

It was sailing around for quite some time very elegantly and in complete control until it got tied up.

Immediately it started squirming and panicking.

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In Reversal, Israel’s New Government Engages With Palestinian Authority – The New York Times

One night last month, a top Israeli minister traveled the winding roads of the occupied West Bank to meet Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority.

The meeting between Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Mr. Abbas at the octogenarian Palestinian leader’s private residence — less than a 10-minute drive from the Israeli military’s regional headquarters — lasted only about 90 minutes, but it immediately made waves in Israel and the West Bank.

It was the first time in more than seven years that a senior Israeli minister was known to have met with Mr. Abbas. Israel’s previous government, led by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, had denigrated Mr. Abbas as an intransigent inciter of violence and never met with him.

The August meeting is the most prominent piece of evidence of a new, more cooperative approach to dealing with the Palestinian Authority, which senior members of Israel’s new government see as a bulwark against the Islamist militant group Hamas.

Avian Flu Diary: MMWR: 3 Studies On Effectiveness of Mandatory Masking In Schools

Today, CDC released three studies in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) that highlight the importance of using layered prevention strategies including universal masking to stop the spread and minimize disruptions to school operations for safe in-person education. These studies found that school districts without a universal masking policy in place were more likely to have COVID-19 outbreaks. Nationwide, counties without masking requirements saw the number of pediatric COVID-19 cases increase nearly twice as quickly during this same period.

One report from Arizona revealed that schools in two of the state’s most populous counties were 3.5 times more likely to have COVID-19 outbreaks if they did not have a mask requirement at the start of school compared with schools that required universal masking on day one. Universal masking is an important component in the recommended layered prevention strategy for schools, and this study continues to demonstrate that facemasks when used as part of the larger strategy can reduce spread of COVID-19 and prevent outbreaks in schools. Source: Avian Flu Diary: MMWR: 3 Studies On Effectiveness of Mandatory Masking In Schools

Day 6/67 of GED in 5 months, serfs vs. slaves

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

Adulting is about getting better and better at distinguishing fine details, and understanding why those details are important. One of the key details of Phase I of the Four Freedoms movementis the Adultingskill of finding information on local laws that affect your status, like a serf being free after one year and a day in a city.

What, if you can remember (or ever learned), is the difference between a serf and a slave?

Day 6 Lesson Plan:

Khan Academy

that/which, who/whom

Khan Academy fractions , Day 1 of 3
Day 6 ExitSlips

(Day 5Day 7)

Action Items:

1.) Search your local public library’s online catalogue for books on the European Middle Ages.

2.) Share them with us in the comments, here, please.

3.) Share your thoughts on what serfdom was, and what it might have been like to live…

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