COVID-19 crisis in Jamaican prisons: a call for the most vulnerable to be released

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In my last news update, I wrote:

It was disturbing to learn recently that only 10 per cent of the prison population has been vaccinated (was a truly concerted effort to get them vaccinated ever undertaken?) Now even more worryingly, we learn that 58 prisoners and 38 staff membershave tested positive.

In his State of the Nation presentation in the Upper House of Parliament today (September 24), Senator Matthew Samuda, under whose portfolio the prison system falls, reported that currently there are 58 positive cases of COVID-19, seven of whom are hospitalized. 38 members of staff have tested positive and are in isolation. He reported that two inmates and three staff members have died since the pandemic began, all during the first wave. Senator Samuda shared his full presentation on Twitter – the link is here. Details of the COVID situation in prisons can be found…

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