COVID-19 crisis in Jamaican prisons: a call for the most vulnerable to be released

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In my last news update, I wrote:

It was disturbing to learn recently that only 10 per cent of the prison population has been vaccinated (was a truly concerted effort to get them vaccinated ever undertaken?) Now even more worryingly, we learn that 58 prisoners and 38 staff membershave tested positive.

In his State of the Nation presentation in the Upper House of Parliament today (September 24), Senator Matthew Samuda, under whose portfolio the prison system falls, reported that currently there are 58 positive cases of COVID-19, seven of whom are hospitalized. 38 members of staff have tested positive and are in isolation. He reported that two inmates and three staff members have died since the pandemic began, all during the first wave. Senator Samuda shared his full presentation on Twitter – the link is here. Details of the COVID situation in prisons can be found…

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LandBack Round Robin: Ethnic studies so history will not be erased

Educating for Future Democracy Collaborative

It is a paradox that education is crucial for healing, in this case healing from the intergenerational traumas suffered by Indigenous peoples in the lands called the United States and Canada. And yet, who will teach these subjects? Care must be taken to avoid triggering that might occur for Indigenous educators. The following quote references […]

Ethnic studies so history will not be erased

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Half of unvaccinated workers say they’d rather quit than get a shot – but real-world data suggest few are following through

And based on a sample of companies that already have vaccine mandates in place, the actual number who do resign rather than get the vaccine is much smaller than the survey data suggest.

Houston Methodist Hospital, for example, required its 25,000 workers to get a vaccine by June 7. Before the mandate, about 15% of its employees were unvaccinated. By mid-June, that percentage had dropped to 3% and hit 2% by late July. A total of 153 workers were fired or resigned, while another 285 were granted medical or religious exemptions and 332 were allowed to defer it.

At Jewish Home Family in Rockleigh, New Jersey, only five of its 527 workers quit following its vaccine mandate. Two out of 250 workers left Westminster Village in Bloomington, Illinois, and even in deeply conservative rural Alabama, a state with one of the lowest vaccine uptake rates, Hanceville Nursing & Rehab Center lost only six of its 260 employees.

Delta Airlines didn’t mandate a shot, but in August it did subject unvaccinated workers to a US$200 per month health insurance surcharge. Yet the airline said fewer than 2% of employees have quit over the policy.

And at Indiana University Health, the 125 workers who quit are out of 35,800 total employees, or 0.3%.

Source: Half of unvaccinated workers say they’d rather quit than get a shot – but real-world data suggest few are following through

Memories, like the corners of my mind, misty……………


Many people who know mw are aware that my first love (apart from Katie Hepburn) is Motown. The Four Tops are probably my most favourite group from the Motown era I grew to adulthood (I wish) with. But there is another group who’s singer could melt my kneecaps and send me to the floor. Allow me to present Gladys Knight and her pips with a great track from 1971.

Gladys Knight. Help me make it through the night 1971

Back in the 1960’s we had a few singing outfits that called themselves Brothers. I’ve already played a record by the Walker Brothers- who were not, and now here is another one who aren’t. From 1965 I bring you the Righteous Brothers. William (Bill )Medley and Bobby Hatfield. Though actually this was sung by Bobby alone.

Righteous Bothers. Unchained Melody 1965.

From 1993 a track from a very popular group named…

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Gratidão comigo!

Gratidão é um estado de êxito da alma. Ninguém explica, define ou conceitua de forma clara e precisa. A verdade que se acrescenta a respeito da palavra gratidão, é que a sensação boa que sentimos, representam o ápice emocional da realização dos nossos desejos íntimos.

Eu sou grata a tudo na vida, até quando considero o que foi perdido. Creio que as coisas que tomam novas rotas, elas com o tempo, servem para você expressar de forma compensadora a sua admiração pelo boicote da vida. Tudo é um acréscimo pelas coisas que administramos, mas que não levamos daqui, digo desse plano terreno. Tudo é um empréstimo, até mesmo, a vida.

Ora, o ser humano vem a esse mundo sem nada, briga por mal-entendidos, por coisas que não lhe pertencem. Mas, no fundo, apesar de não levar o que considera “precioso”, morre grato por ter cumprido o mínimo ou o que…

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APO Group – Africa Newsroom / Press release | USAID Launches New Activity to Empower Deaf in Nigeria Through Sign Language Based Education

ABUJA, Nigeria, September 24, 2021/APO Group/ —

On September 23, 2021, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Acting Mission Director Katie Donohoe, together with officials from Gallaudet University, the Nigerian National Association of the Deaf (NNAD), and other partners launched a new activity to empower deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind children and youth through education, employment, and life opportunities in Nigeria.  Federal Senator from Nasarawa Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, who is part of Nigeria’s deaf community, also attended.

The new three-year, $2.05 million activity – Strengthening Deaf Education, Empowerment, and Employment  (Deaf-E3) – will build the capacity of groups integral to advancing education that fully meets the needs of deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind Nigerians, including educational professionals, Nigerian Sign Language interpreters, and development actors.

Source: APO Group – Africa Newsroom / Press release | USAID Launches New Activity to Empower Deaf in Nigeria Through Sign Language Based Education

APO Group – Africa Newsroom / Press release | Coronavirus: United States Donates More Than 100,620 Vaccines to Gabon

LIBREVILLE, Gabon, September 24, 2021/APO Group/ —

U.S. Embassy Libreville announces the donation by the United States Government of 100,620 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine as part of the Administration’s global efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The United States has already donated more than 160 million doses from its domestic supply to over 100 countries.  The U.S. Government coordinated closely with the African Union and Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the country allocations. The vaccine doses arrived via COVAX last night.

Source: APO Group – Africa Newsroom / Press release | Coronavirus: United States Donates More Than 100,620 Vaccines to Gabon

Confesión de humano

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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Percibo, en las hojas que el viento otoñal de la tarde arranca de los árboles, los pasos y el aliento de Dios, quien las pinta de matices amarillentos, cafés, dorados, naranjas y rojizos, y las convierte en alfombras que adornan y tapizan los bosques, los remansos y los jardines. Escucho sus rumores y sus silencios con la lluvia, en cada gota que se desprende de las nubes, en un delirio de hablarle al alma, a los sentidos, y dejarles lapsos de sigilos, pausas, simplemente, creo, para que se reconcilien y convivan en armonía, con equilibrio y plenamente. Veo el milagro de la creación y de la vida en cada flor que me regala sus perfumes, sus texturas, sus encantos y sus colores. Me siento inmerso en la fuente infinita, en el universo, al despojarme de las sandalias, caminar descalzo…

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