Life throws us challenges|زندگی ما رابه چالش وامی دارد

A Voice from Iran

“91st story”

First published: May.16.2019



A donkey worked very hard for an old man for years. The donkey was getting old and was no longer as fast as his young days; but, he was still loyal and tried hard to be able to do the usual daily tasks so he wouldn’t be a burden for the old man.


One day, the donkey fell into a deep well in the old man’s farm.


The old man ran towards the sound of the donkey’s cry. When he got to the well, he realized getting the donkey out would be impossible.

He said to himself: “In any case, I’ve wanted to buy a young donkey since this one is already old. And I’ve long wanted to fill in this dried well and dig a new one. I will kill two birds with one stone. I’ll fill in the well and bury the…

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