September 21, 2021 in Jamaica: The car that broke down, the toast that burnt, and the polls that flopped

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With tropical storms pottering around in the Atlantic (two are called Peter and Rose, the names of our nephew and niece, respectively), it has been warm and muggy in Kingston. Clouds appear and do not bring rain. It has been a week of surprising developments – not least that of the toast to “No Movement Day” that stirred anger. Nikki Minaj’s scurrilous remarksand ridiculous allegations regarding her cousin’s friend in Trinidad may seem laughable, but they have done a great deal of harm – no doubt. How horribly embarrassing for Trinidadians. Tacky, to say the least! Generally though, it was a rather “political” week. And, of course, a week of crime – whichI wrote about here for Global Voices – the endless crime wave that rivals our COVID-19 “third wave.”

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