Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) Leaders’ Declaration focuses on fossil fuels, climate finance, and the ocean — Petchary’s Blog

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland is drawing nigh, and countries and groupings are lining themselves up, declaring their priorities, polishing up their arguments, getting their “ducks in a row.” Next week, I look forward to learning more from Jamaica’s Climate Change Division (CCD) on how things are shaping up for […]

Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) Leaders’ Declaration focuses on fossil fuels, climate finance, and the ocean — Petchary’s Blog

Manufacturing, safety and quality control of vaccines part 3 — MEDICINE FOR ALL

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How it’s made Typically, companies will work independently to complete clinical development plans for a vaccine. Once a vaccine is authorized, manufacturing begins to scale up. The antigen (part of the germ that our immune system reacts to) is weakened or deactivated. To form the full vaccine, all ingredients are combined. The whole process, from […]

Manufacturing, safety and quality control of vaccines part 3 — MEDICINE FOR ALL

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10 Famous Temples Dedicated To Lord Vishnu And His Avatars#10

Impressive – One that I visited many years ago.

Anita's Perspectives on Life.

Sarangapani temple, Kumbakonam

Sarangapani Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Vishnu, located in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the Divya Desams, the 108 temples of Vishnu revered in Nalayira Divya Prabandham by the 12 poet saints, or Alwars.

This temple is along Kaveri and is one of the Pancharanga Kshetrams. The temple is believed to be of significant antiquity with contributions at different times from Medieval Cholas, Vijayanagar Empire and Madurai Nayaks.

The temple is enshrined within a huge granite wall and the complex contains all the shrines and the water bodies of the temple. The raja gopuram (the main gateway) has eleven tiers and has a height of 173 ft (53 m). The Potramarai tank, the temple tank, is located opposite to the western entrance of the temple.

Sarangapani is believed to have appeared for sage…

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Susan Collins Signals Another Vote Against Abortion Rights While Claiming to Support Them

Republican Senator Susan Collins has long fancied herself a proponent of reproductive rights while doing absolutely nothing to illustrate that sentiment. And now, according to an LA Times interview, Collins is once again allowing an opportunity to do something, literally anything, in favor of abortion access pass her right on by, because a new bill authored by Democrats goes “too far” in its attempt to codify Roe v. Wade.

The bill, expected to be approved by the House this week, is in part a response to Texas’s S.B. 8, which bans abortions from six weeks after a missed period and deputizes citizens to spy on each other. Democrats are proposing sweeping legislation that would prevent states from creating laws that would interfere with a person’s ability to get an abortion “before fetal liability.” This would mean that someone seeking an abortion could do so without state interference up to the 24th week of pregnancy. Should the bill survive, it would effectively codify Roe v. Wade and protect abortion rights against a hostile Supreme Court.

However, Collins, an alleged moderate, pro-abortion rights Republican, will not support the bill because she says it “goes way beyond [codifying Roe]. It would severely weaken the conscious exceptions that are in the current law.”

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Simplemente, una invitación

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


Derechos reservados conforme a la ley/ Copyright

Sí, simplemente es una invitación a usted

¿Y si hoy, antes de la lluvia del atardecer y de los arcoíris que el sol y las gotas suelen pintar entre el cielo y el mundo -acaso para unir la esencia con la arcilla, quizá con la intención de regalarnos momentos fugaces y eternidad, tal vez con el objetivo de recordar que estamos aquí y allá-, usted y yo arrullamos las letras, con sus acentos y sus signos, para descifrar sus sentidos y mecernos suavemente en los columpios de nuestros días y de los años temporales y dentro del palpitar del infinito que canta incesante? ¿Y si, juntos, colocamos las palabras en un remanso apacible y desentrañamos y vivimos sus significados? ¿Y si desprendemos del poemario sus sentidos, sus detalles, sus motivos, para deleite nuestro? ¿Y si este día, previo al…

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Shea trees are falling fast across Africa, victims of new pressures (commentary)

Across the African savanna belt from Senegal to Ethiopia, threats to shea trees (Vitellaria paradoxa) — the source of shea butter — have become a regional environmental concern.  At the local level, land struggles disrupt social ties that have historically determined access to natural resources like shea trees, forests, and arable land.  Poor farmers urgently in need of cash are cutting shea trees and reducing the fallow fields where shea regenerates.  With the proliferation of shea butter products on beauty aisles globally, the growing threat to shea trees remains little known.

Cooking oil, skin moistener, hair conditioner, soap, medicine, and edible fruit are among the many uses of shea (also called karité) in the savanna belt.  Rural women collect its nuts and process them to make shea butter, a significant source of income where there are few other options. The shea tree shares field space with staple food crops, providing ecosystem services of erosion control, groundwater recharge, and leaf mulch.

Standing over a recently cut shea tree in a village west of Bamako, Mali, Musa Jara responds to my questioning look by saying that in cutting the shea he is asserting his right to the land on which it grows. Cutting (or planting) a tree is a statement of secure land tenure.  Yes—It’s against the traditional values and his wives are not happy with the fallen tree. His action, though, is in response to an opportunity to help his family with a one-time sale of land. The scene represents one of several threats to a savanna tree species deeply embedded in local cultures, ecologies, and economies.  Pressures to sell their inherited assets — notably natural resources — force poor rural savanna residents to make decisions that threaten the trees and disrupt their social ties.

Source: Shea trees are falling fast across Africa, victims of new pressures (commentary)

As únicas pessoas responsáveis pela própria paz, somos nós

The only people responsible for peace itself are us comigo!

“Faça o que for preciso para alcançar a si mesmo, dentro de si”. Eu sei que pode ser estranho o que estou falando, mas isso faz despertar a consciência de quem somos ou do que gostaríamos de nos tornar. Faz também olhar para as outras pessoas, projetos, situações, ou seja, tudo que transmite a ideia de valor, benefícios, dentre eles, a paz que o maior bem desejo.

O ser humano deseja ter um bom resultado em tudo. Ele fala muito de si, e oculta muito de si também. Costuma fingir-se de forte para construir a própria fortaleza. Viver é saber suportar as coisas de modo que, se possa crescer em meios aos desafios, e no final de tudo ter paz, sossego e um pouco de felicidade.

Situações promissoras podem contribuir para o meu bem-estar pessoal.Ter atitudes que reforça a nossa autoestima, o nosso progresso pessoal, diria que até a autoconfiança…

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