Baked Apple & Sweet Potatoes

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Happy Moon Festival! Did you know, today 9/21 is the day to look at beautiful moon at night!

As long as it’s a festival, we need some yummy treats to fully enjoy the day. Last year was brown sugar milk bun and this year I want to have a treat made with apples and sweet potatoes, the yummy healthy combination:P

Autumn is a short season. When you feel it’s getting chilly, daylight saving starts, and winter is already coming to you. That means we’ll soon have holiday season but before we start sorting out the gift list, we gotta enjoy the harvest of Autumn, especially sweet potatoes! And did you know, even though apples are available in store all year round, they are actually in season in summer~fall. 

Here is today’s mission: let’s make creamy mellow sweet potatoes and tangy apples one yummy snack/dessert to enjoy Autumn! 

<Today’s Recipe>   


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