Minbari Mondays, Spider in the Web, and, crazy solutions for peace

Critical thinking for Human Community

This week, Ranger Mayann has no report, but I am taking the liberty of summing up this 6th episode of season 2, from what I hope would be the Minbari point of view:


“I’ve read your proposal, Mr. Isogi. Frankly, you’re either insane or a very brave man. “


Here, after this reaction from a representative of a provisional colonial government, Taro Isogi reminds her, as the Minbari often remind us, that history matters.  And so does long term innovative thinking.   His idea of Future Corp was a way of solving the violence on the Mars colony peacefully.

Einstein said that only by thinking at a different level from which our problems began, can we solve those problems.  This episode represents that idea in a more concrete form.  

The core of the actual problem is that there exists a black ops agency buried deeply within the Earth…

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