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While consumerism has its downsides, the access we have today to a plethora of products is certainly beneficial. Advances in science, technology and product development, coupled with increasing social awareness, have led to wellness being a growing niche. For those of us living with chronic pain, the ever-expanding array of brands and tools designed for the purpose of pain relief and management is fantastic.

Sadly, many people, like myself, find that only prescription medications touch their pain in any meaningful way, and only barely at that. If that’s the case for you, such products for purchase might best be seen as tools in your pain management toolbox to help keep you a bit more functional and to make the experience just a little more bearable.

But how do you know what brands to trust and what products to try? This is where user experience and reviews can come in handy. Some of the products here I have tried previously, some I still use, and others I’ve not used but have seen positive reviews for online.

We all have unique needs and everyone will respond differently to most things in life, so you never quite know how you’ll get on with something unless or until you try it. This post just serves to make suggestions for products you may wish to consider for yourself or a loved one to help with managing pain.

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