Stories, TV, and mental health

Critical thinking for Human Community

   Can a story make a difference to our outlook, or even to our lives?   

Certainly for me, sometimes even a mere television show can make a difference, as in moment 2:20 of this 7th episode of the first season of Spanish Public Television’s “El Ministerio del Tiempo.”

In the very first scene of this episode, a major character is shown, years before the present date, about to take an action that would prevent her from ever contributing again.  She is standing on a ledge, about to leap to her death.  But the person who will become her mentor, leading her into an alternative that few people know even exists, recruits her to the new job by telling her that if she jumps, those who wanted her to fail will be over joyed.  Then he says:

“No los des ese gusto.”

“Don’t give them that pleasure.”


And so…

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