lonesome moment

Soni's thoughts

walking down the lane!
flooding entangled thoughts within!
accustomed to the deep pain!
to verbalize, can see noone!
heart supplicated for a response!
Mind denied to enounce!
kept on thinking where am i moving!
in this dusky hushed evening!
a freaky feelings of loneliness!
kept exacerbating in each moment!
no ray of hope, no bit of positivity!
embracing and moving ahead with this air of despondancy!

Hola my amazing peeps, how are you all guys? Hope all are safe at your places… Well life is becoming normal gradually, so how are you spending your busy days! I am really too much occuppied with office work, book compiling, art stuffs…my writing skills have been kind of supressed much and i feel too bad for that as you know right writing is also my biggest passion… Still i try to bring out my random thoughts to words whenever i get time, so…

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