My New Podcast and Tips + The Backyard Horse Blog’s Podcast!

Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

Don’t know where you’d record your podcast? Here’s Ira Glass, making one in his closet…

Photo of Ira Glass recording an episode of his radio show, "This American Life," in his small closet.

Hurrah!!! Picture me jumping up and down with as much glee as panting with relief after laboring over the ins and outs of producing The Happiness Between Tails Podcast. The HBT podcast is really an experiment — a hands-on classroom where I make most of my mistakes before I serialize my novels (“Flamenco & the Sitting Cat,” and “Tango & the Sitting Cat”) into audio fiction series. For the record, the fiction shows won’t use the automated readers. I’ve already posted a bit about podcasting HERE and HERE.

Here’s my Anchor page…

My podcast dream was kicked into higher gear when WordPress announced its link with Anchor, one where we bloggers can convert out blog posts into podcasts.

It’s not your imagination that the video transcriptions below for teasers are all the same…

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