Cinnamon Raisin Bread Roll

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Happy Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day! Did you know, today’s the day to enjoy cinnamon raisin bread either as cooking or of course, eating! 

So cinnamon and raisins…do you like them?

When I was in elementary school, they served raisin bread sometimes but I saw a lot of kids picking it out from the bread.  Yes, raisins are not popular in my home country, Japan. Some say it’s weirdly sweet, some don’t like chewy dry texture…well, whatever they can think of are used as an excuse to abandon them. 

I didn’t care that much about raisins, but as so many kids hated raisins, I thought I was the one who was weird…Now as I’m a foodie adult, I’d gladly take their leftover raisins and satisfy my appetite and taste buds! 

And cinnamon…I actually started to try cinnamon about 5 years ago. I remember my mom sprinkled them on toast with homemade…

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