Senegalese Mafe

Tanooki Homemade Cafe

Happy National Peanut Day! Did you know, today 9/13 is the day to enjoy peanuts!

So even though today’s food to be spotted a light is popular especially baking or as sauce/dressing in Asian cuisine, we need to be careful who’s joining your dining table because peanuts can be sometimes harmful for people with food allergy. I personally don’t have one or haven’t found it out, but peanuts are the most common and fatal food for people with allergies. 

As I grew up, I’ve seen people suffering from food allergy with eggs or shellfish, but didn’t know/meet someone with an allergy for peanuts, so I was surprised to know peanuts are also well-known food and it’s ranked as that high. 

Food allergy isn’t something you can cure while intaking small amounts of them and gradually your body adjusts it, so don’t play or make fun of them. For those who…

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