Minbari Mondays, The Long Dark, and, mental health care in outer space

Critical thinking for Human Community


“Now what would a guy with everything in the world do with one of those?”

Good question, coming from a homeless combat veteran suffering from nightmares and flashbacks, in response to Garibaldi’s suggestion that he knows some good therapists.  Just before that, Garibaldi tells a young security officer that he knows this “lurker” served in the infantry because, while watching the homeless “lurker” having a nightmare, he tells the young security officer that

“I’ve had that same dream.”

Hence, as the Minbari often reminds us, history matters.  And so does health care.

Nih sakh sh’lekk, sleem wa.



That was the 5th episode of Season 2, of Ranger Mayann’s letter on the history of the Babylon Project.  

-Shira Destinie

Action Items:

1.)  Share your thoughts on the importance of history and mental health care, please.

2.) Share your thoughts on how we Human…

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