Stories, teasers, and Adulting ed

Critical thinking for Human Community

   The common good, and our imaginations, seem to benefit from stories.  I’ve noticed how story can inspire, encourage, and provide examples.  Our entire world may become more fully inclusive for all of us, if we tell the uplifting stories, perhaps, as tools for building a more just and empathetic society.

   I remember really finding the first season of the show Heroes to be inspiring, especially the character Hiro.  One of his lines in particular got my attention:

Hiro: ‘a hero too scared to use his powers does not deserve them’

  I first saw this back in 2007, and I was struck by the idea.  A character who was innocent, at least at first, kind, stubborn in his convictions, and acting on the good in himself, and others.

  Right about this same time period, there was a disturbance in which I felt obliged to intervene, and will…

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