Running with Butterflies

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The recent “no movement days” and the sudden quiet of lockdowns has made us engage in more unusual activities than usual. For me, it has been clearing out cupboards and chasing butterflies. For my husband it has been painting the walls and drastically cutting back a flowering bush (without my permission).

Yes, chasing butterflies. We recently planted some more butterfly-friendly flowers in our container garden. And they seem to like it. I bombarded my butterfly guru, Jamaican entomologist Vaughan Turland with crazy videos of these bright creatures blowing around the garden – it has been very windy lately. He said he would prefer still photos to be able to identify them properly. So I slowed down and have been trying to creep up on them while they are sunbathing. So far I have only managed a few photos.

What I love about the butterflies that have appeared in our garden…

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