About 1,500 Israelis return from Uman with COVID – The Jerusalem Post (Me: Covidiots and pandemic lawbreakers a global illness)

Some 1,500 Israelis out of 27,000 who returned to the country from Uman ahead of Shabbat tested positive for coronavirus, the Health Ministry said.
Of those, 16,388 flew directly to Israel from Uman and the rest via other destinations. More than 1,400 were on direct flights. The Health Ministry said that the data is only preliminary and will continue to be updated as it is maintained.
A small percentage of the infected have been summoned for questioning and once they recover, will have to prove that they did not forge the documents that allowed them to board flights back to Israel.

“Some of the passengers traveled via a connecting flight and did not show the positive test they had with them but instead presented a negative test,” said Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis Friday night in an interview with Channel 12. “It is definitely a very serious condition of spreading disease – people who knowingly board the plane and endanger other people. “The police are dealing with everyone, criminal cases are being opened against them, they are being fined and their isolation will be enforced by the police.” It is possible that not all of the sick people forged their negative coronavirus test certificates because many were screened at Ukrainian testing stations, where tests are understood to be less sensitive and possibly inaccurate. Police said on Friday that 117 suspects were officially summoned for questioning and there was no further update on that on Saturday night.

Source: About 1,500 Israelis return from Uman with COVID – The Jerusalem Post