I Wish You All Enough

Trust and Believe In The Unseen

I wish you all enough love, that you’ll never go another day, week, month, or year not feeling love in yourselves or others.

I wish you all enough peace in your hearts, as when you were a youth you had no worries for mom and dad were taking care of things. Now, just do your parts of taking care of yourselves and others with peace in your hearts.

I wish you all enough life, that you will never go another day in your life doubting to had not lived your life to the fullest over death. For Life is freedom, love, prosperity, and overall eternal life! Heaven!

French translation

Je vous souhaite à tous assez d'amour, que vous n'allez plus jamais un jour, une semaine, un mois ou une année sans ressentir l'amour en vous ou en les autres.

Je vous souhaite à tous assez de paix dans vos cœurs…

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