Very Berry Lassi

Tanooki Homemade Cafe

When I was in Seattle, there were so many Indian restaurants and every restaurant I tried was awesome. Even though each and every one of them had a delicious food, as long as there were a number of restaurants in small areas, there was a competition. Some restaurants close out unfortunately. But for customers, don’t worry, the new restaurant was also an Indian restaurant;) (I guess this is because the owner sold the restaurant in an Indian community? That happens to all the cuisine too.)

Because of this, my dinner buddy and I didn’t have trouble finding a restaurant whenever we felt like curry. But, in terms of finding good lassi, there is a problem.

Most Indian restaurants we found had only plain/mango lassi but no other flavors. Of course mango lassi is everyone’s favorite, including me, but this time I wanted to try other flavors. I bet many people…

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