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“88th story”

First published: April.25.2019

When my son was a few years old, I bought him a book called “Lazy Bear.” The simple story made me realize how modestly this book was describing our life.

What a great idea it was that they created animal characters to tell the stories to open our minds. This is how it went:


Once there was a very kind squirrel who loved to help others a lot. One day, while the squirrel was running fast, his friends “Monkey” and “Rabbit” asked: “Where are you running to? It’s been a few days that you have been doing this. Is everything alright?”


The squirrel responded while short of breath: “There is a little bear under the big oak tree that can’t move and is very hungry. I am running to get some fruits for him before he dies of hunger.”



The monkey and rabbit felt…

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