The Delay in Approving Vaccines for Children


The delay in approving Covid vaccines for children doesn’t imply any deep, dark secret about the vaccines or any risk they pose to children.

As with other medications, adult doses are usually too much for kids. Now, by the time many kids turn into teens, their height and weight is similar to adults. Thus adult doses present little concern with most junior high and high schoolers. With preteens, that’s simply not true.

Thus the medical research community has to determine the proper dosage for smaller bodies, basically, what’s the smallest dose that will provide effective protection for a child. Determining the ideal requires another round of clinical trials, and with the paperwork involved in approving children as research subjects, the trials take even longer than they do with adults. We all know how long it took for full approval of the Pfizer vaccine in adults.

There is no evidence of…

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Reblog: In Case You Missed This…


Dana Milbank is a regular opinion writer for The Washington Post. As a native Texan, who still has strong emotional ties to the state, I found his analysis to be deeply upsetting. Since the Supreme Court’s decision not to overturn the Texas abortion ban, I can no longer buy anything from Texas, including Tito’s, my favorite vodka. When the anti-vaxxers show up at school board meetings proclaiming “My body, my choice,” I wonder why they don’t feel the same about women’s reproductive rights.

Milbank wrote:

Texas this week showed us what a post-democracy America would look like.
Thanks to a series of actions by the Texas legislature and governor, we now see exactly what the Trumpified Republican Party wants: to take us to an America where women cannot get abortions, even in cases of rape and incest; an America…

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August presidency : INDIA at UNSC

Diplomatic relations

On August 1, India took over the Presidency of the UN Security Council .It was set to host signature events in three major areas of maritime security, peacekeeping, and counterterrorism during the month.

TS Tirumurti, president of the council

PM Modi has outlined a five-point framework for maritime security debate at UNSC during this month.

Maritime Security

  • Maritime security is one of the latest buzzwords of international relations.
  • Major actors in maritime policy, ocean governance and international security have in the past decade started to include maritime security in their mandate or reframed their work in such terms.
  • Core dimensions of maritime security involves the concept of blue economy, food security and the resilience of coastal populations.
  • A secure maritime environment provides the precondition for managing marine resources.

Threats to maritime security

Need for an agenda

  • In today’s economy, the oceans have an increased importance, allowing all countries to participate…

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The Gmail App Takes Calls Now, Too, Because Google Wants It To Do Everything – Slashdot

Google is announcing even more Workspace features today, part of an increased cadence of changes to the company’s office and communications software suite over the past year or so. From a report: Today’s announcement is a bit of a milestone, however. Although there is still the smattering of small a…

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Brazil judge claps back at ‘undemocratic’ Bolsonaro vow – The Washington Post

“Encouraging non-compliance with court decisions is undemocratic, illicit and intolerable,” Fux said in a nationally televised message. He added that if Bolsonaro were to disobey a court ruling, or someone else were to do so at his urging, it would constitute a crime. “No one will close this court, we will keep it standing,” he added. At demonstrations in support of Bolsonaro on Tuesday, many people displayed signs and banners railing against the Supreme Court, demanding it be dissolved or that one justice in particular, Alexandre de Moraes, be removed. De Moraes is overseeing an investigation targeting the president and two of his sons. Bolsonaro formally requested the justice’s impeachment last month.

Source: Brazil judge claps back at ‘undemocratic’ Bolsonaro vow – The Washington Post