Nacionalni park Everglejds, Sjedinjene države – Everglades National Park, United States


Amerikanci s pravom tvrde da su bili pioniri u mjerama zaštite svjetske prirodne baštine, ali savjest nacije nije u potpunosti čista. Dok je osnivanjem nacionalnih parkova Veliki kanjon i Jelouston, Amerika stvorila mit o divljini, podjednako značajna oblast u Južnoj Floridi nije pobudila ni najmanji interes. Everglejds je, mora se priznati, neprijatan kraj. Vrela, vlažna klima onoga što, čini se, nije ništa više od močvare, gdje sve vrvi od komaraca i aligatora, nije naročito privlačna, ali Pa Hej Oki (“Rijeka trave”, kako su je Indijanci Seminole zvali), koja teče neosjetnom brzinom u dužini od dvjesta kilometara od jezera Okičobi do Floridskog zaliva i dostiže širinu od osamdeset kilometara, jedini je tropski sistem u Sjevernoj Americi. I, paradoksalno, priznavanje njegove vrijednosti podudaralo se s njegovim nezaustavljivim propadanjem.

Kada je predsjednik Hari Truman 1947. godine osnovao Nacionalni park Everglejds, u Južnoj Floridi je živjelo samo 500.000 stanovnika. Kada su državne vlasti 1985…

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    2. Americans rightly claim to have been pioneers in measures to protect the world’s natural heritage, but the nation’s conscience is not entirely clear. While with the establishment of the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Parks, America created the myth of wilderness, an equally important area in South Florida did not arouse the slightest interest. The Everglades are, admittedly, an unpleasant ending. The hot, humid climate of what seems to be nothing more than a swamp, where everything is teeming with mosquitoes and alligators, is not particularly appealing, but Well Hey Oki (“River of Grass,” as the Seminole Indians called it), which flows at an imperceptible speed two hundred kilometers long from Lake Okeechobee to the Gulf of Florida and reaching a width of eighty kilometers, it is the only tropical system in North America. And, paradoxically, the recognition of its value coincided with its unstoppable decline. When President Harry Truman founded the Everglades National Park in 1947, South Florida had only 500,000 inhabitants. When the state authorities raised the alarm in 1985, there were six million people, and industrialization led to an ecological catastrophe of enormous proportions. Habitat in the Everglades had already been reduced by 20%, 14 animal species were in danger of extinction, and all aquatic fauna was polluted with mercury. Moreover, 221 species of exotic plant pests endangered the flora. The inscription of this site on the List of Endangered World Heritage, in 1993, made tens of millions of dollars set aside for one of the world’s largest programs for the revitalization of the environment. Despite this, the situation looks worse. The park, which covers an area of ​​6,000 km², contains many different habitats, from the marine environment of the Gulf of Florida to the drier areas near Lake Okičobe, where 200 tropical plant species live alongside pine trees characteristic of temperate climates.

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