Indigenous Women, Original Women: « Reforesting Minds for the Healing of the Earth! »

Barbara Crane Navarro

Indigenous Women, Original Women: Reforesting Minds for the Healing of the Earth

September 7th to 11th, several thousand women from 150 indigenous nations will gather to march together in Brasilia in support of the rights they are guaranteed in the Constitution of Brazil and against the «Time Frame» limit and other anti-indigenous policies of President Bolsonaro.

«We are seeking to guarantee our territories for present and future generations, defend the environment, this common good that guarantees our ways of life as part of humanity.

In addition to being a physical resource that sustains us, it is also home to the spirits of forests, animals and the waters and of life as a whole – the source of our ancestral knowledge.

We state that indigenous women will be on the front line to bury once and for all the ‘time frame limit – the milestone thesis’, during the 2nd March of…

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