The Jaw

Critical thinking for Human Community

What had I just done? It was as if I was awakening from a bad dream, but the bad dream was still there, looking at me in what seemed to be stunned silence. I was still more stunned.

-I guess you really were mad.

As the look on his face began to change, the full implications of what I’d just done began to dawn on me. My stomach churned with the knowledge that there would be hell to pay for that punch, even if he had been teaching me to throw them, just like that. Telling me how soft I was, how I needed to learn to fight, not let the kids at school walk all over me.

He’d taught me to block, and to throw a punch, demanding that I learn to be harsh, not to care if I knocked someone down, not to care how that person might…

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    1. good thoughts – my time in the library was precious and with the internet, I feel as though I am in all the libraries of the globe.

    2. I remember being so proud of my first library card when I was seven. Our library at the time was one funded by Carnegie Foundation in the 1940s.

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