Jamaica’s last remaining mangrove forests: a cycle of destruction and replanting

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You may have noticed from previous blog posts that I am a little obsessed with mangroves – and confused, perhaps, by the Jamaican Government’s attitude towards them. It seems to be a love/hate relationship. Most of the love seems to be professions of love rather than actual caring and concern. We celebrateWorld Wetlands Dayevery year, most enthusiastically. And the hateful destruction (with the imminent threat of more to come) just seems to continue.Just over a year ago I asked: Are we just pretending to value our mangroves – which we continuously declare are incredibly valuable as carbon sinks, as protection against the ravages of climate change?

A beautiful area of mangrove at Yallahs Salt Ponds in St. Thomas. I hope this will remain untouched. (My photo)

In my July 2020 post, I listed several areas where mangrove forests have already been destroyed, or their demise was pending…

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