Hucchuman And His Humber

Wonderful story – thank you.

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Horogobindo Haldar was the funniest looking man anyone could ever come across. A strikingly protruding lower lip & jaw topped with a tiny button nose coupled with a pair of beady and squinty eyes under a large shiny dome with a few strands of flickering hair perfectly sat in place to create his hilarious look. His attire, a long white kurta atop a pair of old khaki English breeches along with laced white canvas ankle keds, played their parts in completing his comic appearance.

This cartoonish image and his mad cycling spree had earned him the nickname ‘Hucchuman’ – a speeding old buffoon on an antique bicycle. All the children and youth of his village used to pull his leg by singing the funny limerick – “Hucchuman, Hucchuman, he can do what no one can. Always paddling like a madman, here comes the loser Hucchuman.”

Hucchu would get super agitated…

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