Waste From Mine in Angola Kills 12 Downstream in Congo, Minister Says – The New York Times

Now, 12 people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in what researchers have called “an unprecedented environmental and human disaster” along the Kasai River, a southern tributary of the mighty Congo River. Researchers and officials with the Congolese government say that the cause was a toxic leak upstream, from the biggest diamond mine in Angola, run by Catoca, a joint venture owned by Endiama, the Angolan state mining company, and the Russian mining giant Alrosa. The company admitted in a statement last month that there was a leak from its facility, but said that it was only water and sand — not anything toxic. In addition to the 12 fatalities, about 4,500 people got sick from diarrhea as a result of the pollution and nearly one million were affected overall, said Eve Bazaiba, Congo’s minister of environment and sustainable development in a news conference on Thursday.