Roasted Eggplant Miso Ginger Sauce

Tanooki Homemade Cafe

Since eggplant is in its season, it’s a good idea to enjoy it on your dining table. I see some people grow eggplant on their own, but my tiny balcony is packed with herbs already. Someday I’ll grow them but until then, the produce section at my local grocery is my future image of my pantry! 

So eggplant…what’s your favorite way to cook them? 

Make it eggplant parmesan? I tried, and that was amazing! 

Add in pasta? Mmm, that makes my mouth watering!

Or simply stir frying them with yummy sauce?

Hmm, cooking with eggplants never disappoints me, so this time I’d like to combine them with a popular Japanese condiment called Miso! 

This miso sauce has a sweet yet savory flavor, and this gives a great accent on roasted mellow eggplant. I cooked it as my dinner the other day but can be your bar food to go with…

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