Tofu Patti Sando

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Happy National Tofu Day! Did you know, today 9/1 is the day for our vegetarian savior of protein intake: tofu! 

Hmm, I think American make everything big, so tofu is also big in the US. Whenever I cook tofu hamburg, there is always leftover so this is my typical next-day-lunch! 

When I was a perfect example of carnivore, I always complained whenever there’s tofu in my patties saying “low calorie” or “healthy.” But now, I’m on a vegetarian diet and probably eat meat once in several months. Under this diet, tofu is a very good source of protein and I love tofu patties with a lighter flavor with refreshing after taste than meat patties, so I’m glad I could have my life with tofu! 

As I like my Asian inspired patti in Asian flavor, the sauce is of course Asian too: Teriyaki! 

To make it colorful and interesting in texture…

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