A burning symbol for Bolsonaro’s necropolitics! – The «Time Frame » Trick – Genocide for indigenous peoples and Ecocide for the Amazon Rainforest?

Barbara Crane Navarro

Bolsonaro insinuates his noncompliance with the law if the «time frame» – a strategy for setting a cut-off date of 1988 for indigenous land claims – is rejected by Brazil’s Supreme Court!

A group of around 150 indigenous people carried an enormous symbolic coffin to the steps of the presidential palace in Brasilia and set it on fire. The coffin was inscribed with the word «Genocide» on the top with «Ecocide», «No to the time frame» as well as other slogans on the sides.

Over 6,000 native people from 176 indigenous nations have gathered at the «Struggle for Life» camp outside Brazil’s Supreme Court in Brasilia to demand that the justices rule in their favor and reject the time limit date of 1988, adopted by the Bolsonaro government in 2016 and promoted by the agribusiness, cattle ranching, logging and gold mining sectors.

The justices will reconvene today, September 1st, for…

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