Smart clothing monitors the wearer’s heart – Futurity

Researchers sewed the fibers into athletic wear to monitor the heart rate and take a continual electrocardiogram (EKG) of the wearer. The fibers are just as conductive as metal wires, but washable, comfortable, and far less likely to break when a body is in motion. On the whole, the enhanced shirt was better at gathering data than a standard chest-strap monitor taking live measurements during experiments. When matched with commercial medical electrode monitors, the carbon nanotube shirt gave slightly better EKGs.

Source: Smart clothing monitors the wearer’s heart – Futurity

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    1. I think it is really cool. Soon, they will discover – grin – all they need to do is put in a wrist band and will be able to monitor blood sugar, heart rate, and other things that can be extracted/monitored via pulse, heat, or sweat. and if they think real hard – even detect viruses like Covid-19…

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