But By the Grace Of…

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So, this was how it felt.



It had taken long enough.

This year, when the doctor had asked those simple questions, it had been less easy to bluff. This one had actually been watching. That ready answer, flat and so used to snow balling these people, had actually been caught, called out, and paid attention to. For once. The doctor had ignored his answer, asked if he had a plan. Silly question. Of course he had a plan. Since when had he not had one, was the real question. Enduring the pain was a normal part of life for him. Ignoring it until it became the annoying wet streaks on his face, shaking his body and tying his guts more tightly than his useless shoe laces. This didn’t happen too much, anymore. Mostly going past those tent towns they called encampments these days, feeling the despair of those…

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