8 thoughts on “US opens COVID-19 vaccination site for Afghan arrivals | TheHill”

  1. People ask me, how do we know for a fact that we’re not bringing in tons of Taliban and ISIS on these flights – I don’t know how to answer. Do you?

    1. No way to know 100% but most have been vetted and only 1500 in-country now – the rest in 3rd countries as their backgrounds are checked more throughly, many may not come here but will settle elsewhere. I worry more about those who who thought it was cool to invade Congress or run over people of color – our home grown terrorists.

    2. I believe we have more to worry about from our homegrown terrorists. FBI and others will do their best to be sure those that come are safe. Those who attacked us in past came from Saudi Arabia. The ISIS-K folk in Afghanistan are not same as other ISIS – focussed on Afghanistan only, as far as I know.

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