NO to the « Time Limit Trick » – An aberration!

Barbara Crane Navarro

NO to the Time Limit Trick!

«’Time frame’ is a path of the enemies of the forest against my people. ‘Time frame’ for me means stealing more Yanomami land. Stealing more from our lands that have already been demarcated, ratified and registered by the Brazilian government.»

– Spokesperson and shaman Yanomami Davi Kopenawa

Demarcation of indigenous lands NOW!

Since August 22nd, over 6,000 native people from 176 indigenous nations have gathered outside Brazil’s Supreme Court in Brasilia to demand that the justices rule in their favor and reject the time limit date of 1988, adopted by the Bolsonaro government in 2016 and promoted by the agribusiness, cattle ranching, logging and gold mining sectors.

The legal appeal by the Xokleng people of Santa Catarina state, maintaining that the «time frame» is an overly narrow interpretation of indigenous rights that recognizes only the lands occupied by native communities at the time Brazil’s…

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