How Vivaldi’s productivity tools got Lars to switch from Chrome (Me: I am a happy Vivaldi user on a Mac for 4 years)

How does he describe his relationship with a browser? Well, he uses browsers a lot.

He started off with Internet Explorer back in the day, then moved on to Opera and Safari. In recent years, Chrome has been his primary browser.

What are his “musts” for any browser?

  • Easy to use ✅
  • Add-ons, so you can go beyond the regular. ✅

As the user, you can influence the ease of use in Vivaldi, by configuring it to your liking. As for add-ons, while it is true that you can use any Chrome extension in Vivaldi, you might not need any. Have a gander at the features built into the browser to get an idea of all the ways you can make Vivaldi your own.

At the time of filming, Lars had used Vivaldi for about a week, and was pleased with it so far. He wasn’t sure if he’d convert completely yet, but based on his experience he plans to set it as his default browser and give himself some more time to use it. It initially took him a while to set up, to configure the browser to his needs. But so far, he is really happy with the browser. 🙌

We realize that the sheer number of features Vivaldi offers may be overwhelming to new users. This is why we now offer the layout selector, to make it easier for newbies to get up and running in Vivaldi. Just select the EssentialsClassic, or Fully Loaded option and you will have the features you need to get on your way. Though, of course, since this is Vivaldi, those features will be ready and waiting for you in the background, awaiting your discovery.

We’re glad that Lars’s experience with Vivaldi was such a positive one. He is keen to explore and test out more of the features and customizability, and we think he will like what he finds.

Source: How Vivaldi’s productivity tools got Lars to switch from Chrome