Record numbers vaccinated in one day in Jamaica

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No Movement Day #3. And it was hectic in some areas, as Jamaicans crowded vaccination centres – mostly outside the city of Kingston – in surprising numbers. Although the Government was targeting high school students, aged 12 to 18, for the Pfizer vaccinations, to enable them to return to face-to-face classes – many adults turned out also.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness could not wait to post the numbers, late last night… Here is their announcement.

Member of Parliament Daryl Vaz (standing) talks to residents waiting for their vaccinations in Portland yesterday. (Photo: Daryl Vaz/Twitter)

Over 21,000 Jamaicans vaccinated in One Day

Over 21,000 Jamaicans were vaccinated on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, as the Ministry of Health & Wellness continued its four day special vaccination blitz across the island. This number represents a record for the highest number of persons vaccinated in one day since the COVID-19 Vaccination programme…

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